Fill a Christmas (or Winter Solstice) Stocking With WEEDS: An Organic, Earth-friendly Guide to Their Identification, Use and Control. Get a Signed Copy Direct From the Author – With FREE P&P!*

Weeding in the garden or allotment never stops, even in winter.

But at this time of year we can ease back a bit, take stock, and run our fingers over the pages of some favourite gardening books, rather than over frozen soil. I like the sound of that.

weeds-FC-large-1Understanding more about how our gardens tick is the best way of cultivating them in more organic, more eco- and earth-friendly ways. Knowing how the weeds on your patch tick is key to deciding on the best ways of gently reducing their numbers, without the use of polluting weedkillers. Some weeds – think dandelions – offer boundless benefits to all sorts of garden wildlife, and can safely be left to bloom their socks off (just nip off the seedheads if you don’t want too many).

Identifying those weeds worth hugging, as well as those to be wary of, is all part and parcel of gaining an intimate knowledge of how your own unique garden or allotment works.

And this is where my book Weeds: An Organic, Earth-friendly Guide to Their Identification, Use & Control comes in rather handy for some enlightening winter reading.

To find out more, check the main page for Weeds here.

There are three ways to buy a copy of Weeds:

1 Direct from the author, on this page.

This benefits the author (that’s me) the most. I’ll send you a signed copy of Weeds for £15* (£30* for two books), with FREE P&P, wherever possible using reused/recyclable/compostable packaging.

*To receive a copy of Weeds in time to slip into a Winter Solstice or Christmas stocking, please order here by Tuesday 18th December 2018.*

Order your signed copy here.

Secure payment is via PayPal (you can pay this way without a PayPal account).

2 From your local bricks-and-mortar bookshop.

You’ll need to order a copy, quoting the title of the book, and/or its ISBN number: 978-0993268342.

Please note that copies of Weeds ordered from bookshops will cost £18, due to distribution costs (the same average cost of ordering Weeds at various online booksellers once P&P charges are added).

3 From online booksellers.

Book cost and P&P charges/last order dates will vary.

*Applies to books sent Royal Mail Second Class to UK addresses only.

“This is a great book. We are just starting an organic vegetable plot this year and the book has been a revelation – it’s wonderful to see what weeds are helpful in encouraging insects and wildlife and can be safely encouraged, and which should be watched carefully! It’s clear, well-written and with very helpful photographs. I’d give it more than 5 stars if I could. Highly recommended.”

Amazon 5* review

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