Choosing and Using Peat-Free Compost

Are you looking for a dependable peat-free compost that gives consistently good results? In this article published in The Organic Way (205, Spring 2012), I reflect on some lessons learned from my initial trials with 16 different peat-free composts, and recommend a ‘reliable five’ to try out in 2012.

You can read the original 2-page article, in PDF form, here, or click on the image (left).

The article is republished courtesy of Garden Organic.

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1 Response to Choosing and Using Peat-Free Compost

  1. Tansy says:

    Will you please learn how to use coir properly I have used Fertile Fibre from it’s beginning and get mighty fed-up with the pathetic results all you trial people produce.
    It is consistent, clean, light in weight has excellent root growth and overall gives a good healthy potted plant with which to plant out.
    Are you over watering because this the main mistake it is not PEAT don’t drown it!!!!
    Why don’t you extol this virtue coir has, your water bills are a lot less using it.
    Also give the potting mix a trial and just watch your plants grow. Fertile will sustain your plant for much longer in the pot than any of the others you have recommended if you use it correctly. I have to say this is the first time I have put my view on a comment but……………………….. Oh and by the way good luck with the no peat use cause we were promised years ago that 2012 would be the year, they seemed to have moved the goal posts again! 2020 now was mentioned so probably not in my lifetime.

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