My work as an earth-friendly gardening and environment writer and author covers both print and online media, encompassing full-length books, one-off articles, blogposts, long-running columns, complete feature packages (in collaboration with professional photographers), reportage, opinion and think pieces.

John Walker, earth-friendly gardening and environment writer and author's greenhouse powered by zero carbon and renewable modern sunshine.• If you’re a magazine or newspaper editor, are you looking for a thought-provoking, well researched and topical article, or a regular opinion-led column exploring the interplay between gardening and the natural world?

• Could some fresh and incisive content, or a lively, must-read blog that attracts a loyal, engaged audience, be exactly what your website needs?

• Is a carefully crafted, step-by-step practical piece – print, video or audio – explaining some key aspect of greener, planet-friendly gardening just what you’re looking for?

• As a book publisher, are you looking for a fresh, innovative and positive approach that moves beyond organic gardening, helping readers to connect what’s happening in their own gardens with the health of our wider, shared environment?

• Have you read an article or blogpost from my collection of writing that’s spurred an idea for a tailored piece of work that will intrigue, amuse and perhaps stretch the readers of your magazine or online content?

Both honey and bumblebees make noisy visits to the spectacular summer blooms of oriental poppy (Papaver orientalis).To discuss hiring me to write for you, or to explore any other collaborative ideas, please get in touch.




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