The Eco Warrior Within

book-review-how-to-create-an-eco-garden-the-practical-guide-to-greener-planet-friendly-gardening“You may consider yourself just a smallholder, but are you really a ‘quiet but potent eco-warrior’? It’s possible.

John Walker, author of How to Create an Eco Garden: The Practical Guide to Greener, Planet-friendly Gardening, sees smallholders as occupying a unique niche in a strand that starts with gardeners and ends with organic farmers. ‘I’m convinced that as we start getting to grips with real ecologically driven challenges, such as food security, smallholders will become an even more vital part of a locally woven food, materials, skills web that will help buffer us all against bumpy times ahead.'”

In this book review republished courtesy of Smallholder magazine (March 2013), garden and country-related writer and blogger Helen Gazeley captures beautifully the essence of and thinking behind my latest book. You can read Helen’s in-depth review/interview with me in PDF form here, or click on the image above. Please call at my Books page for more reviews of How to Create an Eco Garden.

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