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This organic, earth-friendly guide encourages you to see garden weeds as more than simply unwelcome invaders in your flower borders, kitchen garden, allotment, greenhouse, polytunnel, patio, courtyard, containers, lawn, path or drive.

“I found this book interesting, enlightening, honest, practical and sensible.” Amazon 5-star review

Whatever your garden’s size, Weeds will help you identify, make use of and tackle the weeds you find there. This no-nonsense, 142-page paperback guide is illustrated with over 100 full colour photographs.

What will you find in Weeds?


Learn about how weeds grow, spread and survive.

INFORMATION on how different weeds grow, spread and survive – and what their presence can actually tell you about your garden or allotment.

HELPFUL TIPS for using weeds to improve the fertility of your garden, feed your plants, and encourage wildlife such as bees and other pollinators.

PRACTICAL, HANDS ON GARDENING TECHNIQUES for preventing, clearing and controlling weeds without resorting to any chemical weedkillers (herbicides).


A colour-coded directory helps you identify weeds.

A PHOTOGRAPHIC DIRECTORY helping you to identify 60 common garden weeds, showing at-a-glance how easy, difficult or urgent dealing with each one is.

USEFUL LISTS of insect-friendly weeds and garden plants for growing in ‘bug banks’, and those for attractive, weed-smothering ground cover.

CLEAR ADVICE on tackling weedy ground without doing any back-breaking digging, and how to set up a ‘no dig’ garden or allotment.

AN AT-A-GLANCE GUIDE to tackling weeds all around your garden, plus a  comprehensive glossary explaining the terms used in the book.

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Weeds: An Organic, Earth-friendly Guide to Their Identification, Use and Control. 142 pages, 2016, Earth-friendly Books, ISBN 978-0-9932683-4-2.