Digging Deep in the Garden: Book Two

Published by Earth-friendly Books, 2016. Paperback, 5 x 8in, 78 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9932683-5-9

“These essays are more relevant now than ever.”

Paperback Version_Book Two_coverPUTTING THE BRAKES on runaway consumerism through ‘freegardening’… rethinking our addiction to high-dependency container gardening… exploring our growing prospects in a topsy-turvy climate… why pulling down garden fences can reboot biodiversity… how local and diverse ‘earth centres’ could help gardening communities flourish…

“Thought-provoking yet always understandable.”

In this thought-provoking, cage-rattling collection of essays exploring gardening’s place in nature, John Walker burrows deep into gardening’s subsoil to uproot thorny issues, while encouraging gardeners to see their role as a force for good.

This second book of John’s earth-friendly garden writing was originally published in Organic Gardening magazine as his long-running and popular series ‘Digging Deep’.

This is the second book in my Digging Deep series and is a natural companion to books OneThree and Four.

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Reviews for Digging Deep in the Garden: Book Two

“These essays are more relevant now than ever.”

“Following on from Book One, John tackles a new shedful of topics and ideas in a refreshing, eye-opening way. He questions the way consumerism is imposed upon gardeners and the damaging way that parts of the gardening media seek to demonise those who tend their plots in an earth-friendly way. Though originally published some time ago, these essays are more relevant now than ever; as I read, I continually found myself asking, ‘have we really not sorted this out yet?’ Digging Deep Two also explains the thinking behind the ‘Earth-friendly Gardener’ moniker and true to form, my copy came in all-compostable packaging. Hope there is a Book Three.”

Amazon.co.uk 5* review, July 2016.

“John Walker’s prose makes for enjoyable reading.”

“John Walker’s prose makes for enjoyable reading. His clear wealth of experience allows him to confidently and eloquently take on big topics in a way that is thought-provoking yet always understandable. I just hope there may soon be a Book Three to look forward to!”

Amazon.co.uk 5* review, July 2016.