Digging Deep in the Garden: Book Three

Published by Earth-friendly Books, 2016. Paperback, 5 x 8in, 70 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9932683-6-6

Excellent, thought-provoking writing on being a gardener in the 21st century.

Calendula 'Sunset Buff' is stars on the cover of Digging Deep in the Garden: Book Three

THE SILENCE OF CELEBRITIES on climate chaos… growing your own biofuels to benefit bees… how to run your garden on renewable, modern sunlight… why nature-friendly organic gardening is bad news for big business… how slug pellets are polluting your cup of tea…

“Cuts right through to the heart of the important issues.”

In this incisive, witty and thought-provoking collection of essays exploring gardening’s place in nature, John Walker challenges gardening’s status quo at a time of unprecedented environmental upheaval, while urging us to garden in ways that are truly green.

This third book of John’s earth-friendly garden writing was originally published in Organic Gardening/Organic Garden & Home, and then in Kitchen Garden magazine, as his long-running and popular series ‘Digging Deep’.

This is the third book in my Digging Deep series and is a natural companion to books OneTwo and Four.

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Reviews for Digging Deep in the Garden: Book Three

“Characteristic, zesty prose.”

“Characteristic, zesty prose. The thread running through Book Three is climate change … his questions to BBC Gardeners’ Question Time were meant to discover what, in a era of global warming, the Radio Four gardeners were doing themselves to garden more lightly on the earth. Sadly those questions were not even put to the panel. John also mourns the hideous menace of waste plastic clogging our oceans, encourages us to grow our own apples for 365 fruits a  year, and celebrates the small solar ‘farms’ in all of our back gardens.”

Cherry Lavell, organic gardener, writing in ALLAGOGG – newsletter of Gloucestershire Organic Gardening Group, Spring 2017.

“Excellent, thought-provoking writing on being a gardener in the 21st century.”

“I have bought all these books in this series – excellent, thought-provoking writing on being a gardener in the 21st century. The author is greatly experienced in gardening organically and sustainably with thought for the future of the planet. He provides the reader with great support in avoiding many of the pitfalls of the modern consumerist ‘giant out of town garden centre’ mentality. I have recommended these books to many of my novice (and more experienced) gardener friends.”

Amazon.co.uk 5* review, February 2017.