Wonderful Weeds: HOGWEED or COW PARSNIP – A Big, Tall Weed Whose Flowers Are a Magnet for Bees, Hoverflies and Other Beneficial Garden Insects

Hogweed Heracleum sphondylium

Other names: cow parsnip, keck, limberscrimps

Life cycle: biennial/perennial


The 20cm (8in) wide umbrella-like flowerheads are a magnet for beneficial hoverflies and appear from late spring.

Often seen on roadsides, this tough, taprooted weed can be difficult to remove if it gets a foothold in beds or borders. Leafy rosettes of deeply lobed leaves grow first, which then overwinter before producing flowering shoots up to 3m (10ft) tall. Hogweed is ideal for a ‘bug bank’ because insects flock to the flat ‘landing pad’ flowerheads and you can easily cut off the unripe seeds. Don’t get the sap on your skin – like giant hogweed, it can cause severe blistering.

Earth-friendly solutions: Hoe; fork/dig out; mulch.

Moderately easy to control.

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